Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Eating Out: Wasabi's

I figured, since I certainly don't cook every night and I do eat out a good deal that I should also take the time to blog about the restaurant scene in Kuwait while I'm here.

It's a very strange habit for me, being a cook myself, but when I eat out I usually order the same thing over and over from a place I've been before - A habit I'm trying to wriggle out of.

So when I ordered takeout from Wasabi's this week, I decided to try and get away from my standard spicy Cali roll. Sushi is hard for me because while I love it, sadly my stomach does NOT agree with raw fish of any kind. So I'm relegated to choosing from veggie rolls or maki with cooked meats in them. I recently found that while the menu in the Wasabi restaurants don't give very good descriptives of their sushi rolls, their menu on 6alabat does.

Skeeeeeert! What the heck did she say?

6alabat – – is an online take out service exclusive to Kuwait that works with restaurants in your neighborhood to make their food available for delivery straight to your door with a few clicks of your mouse. It makes my “no-cooking-on-Wednesday” nights SO much easier.

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Well anyway, pickings were still on the slim side but I managed to choose a Bifu Roll, Tempura Shrimp Roll and a Kani Furai. I also threw in a cali roll there, just in case :D

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The Bifu roll is my new favorite. It came with a sweet creamy sauce and I enjoy beef and scallion pairings. The spotted wrapper was cool too, although a bit weird on the texture as it was chewy. But seaweed is chewy too so it wasn't that big of an issue.

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The tempura shrimp was pretty basic and bland. Shrimp and tobico on the inside, seaweed on the out and tempura deep fried.

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The Kani Furai roll (Kani = Crab, Furai = Coated in breadcrumb) left something to be desired. I credit that in part to the fact that it has two hunks of sealeg in each “bite” - And yeah, a lot of sushi places employ sealegs in their rolls (sealegs a.k.a. “crabstick” = that weird imitation crab meat made of starches, pureed white fish (surimi) and food coloring). I can tolerate it here and there in small amounts (it comes in the cali roll afterall) but that much made me not even want to finish the other 5 pieces.

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The California roll I got was also lack-luster. Usually it's generally satisfying but the rice tasted.. old? Not what I'm usually used to from Wasabi but.. it is what it is. Next time I do order, it will def be the bifu roll.

This reminds me, I need to try my hand at a sushi blog sometime.. Oh! And I'm open to new roll suggestions! Asian is one of my weakspots so I am not a sushi afficianado by any means and am always looking for an experienced point in an interesting direction :)